We offer wonderful seasonal ingredients in Japan
and change the menu every month so that customers
who visit us can feel the season.


¥18,000(excluding tax)
Ebisu Shigeta's standard course meal with 7 to 8 dishes,
plenty of seasonal fish and vegetables.

We serve dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients.
We also have a wide selection of sake that pairs well with our dishes.


¥23,000〜(excluding tax)
A course meal with seasonal delicacies. This course menu features bamboo shoots and mountain vegetables in the spring, wild sweetfish and conger in the summer, soft-shelled turtles and matsutake mushrooms in the fall, and snow crab and fugu in the winter.

※We do not use any chemical seasonings or ready-made products in our dishes.


We will prepare a special course that incorporates outstanding ingredients that gorgeously express the four seasons.
¥30,000~ (excluding tax)
Please contact us for details as the contents change depending on the season.
Please feel free to contact us as we can change the contents according to your budget.
*You can choose sushi as an option. (additional fee)
*Hot pot varies depending on the season.

Nabe / Hot Pot

Hot pot courses are only available in semi-private rooms and private rooms.
(Reservation required, minimum of 2 people).
From ¥18,000 per person (excluding tax)

※We do not use any chemical seasonings or ready-made products in our dishes.


¥10,000 dinner course (excluding tax)
Recommended course for those who drink alcohol without rice or sweets (the volume is small.)
*You can order additional items such as rice. (Last order 22:00)
*Seats may not meet your request depending on the reservation situation.


・Saturday lunch ¥10,000 course (excluding tax) (reservation required)
* Second and fourth Saturdays only.
A total of 6 lunch courses available only on the day of the week.
Shigeta's cuisine is a little cheaper, and we have prepared a satisfying course.