In the warm atmosphere of our restaurant,
please enjoy our proud Japanese “OMAKASE” cuisine.

Ebisu Shigeta offers a wide selection of fresh fish and
seasonal vegetables carefully selected from all over Japan.
Our head chef, Takeshi Mima, a former chef of the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles,
alongside store manager Masaaki Aoyama, a Michelin-starred chef,
will entertain you with heartfelt cuisine and service that is sure to impress.

Enjoy Japanese cuisine made with seasonal ingredients.

A must-try dish when you come to Shigeta!
Mixed rice in an earthenware pot that changes with the season.
Cooked carefully and slowly over low heat, the ingredients are seasonal
and the cooking method changes depending on the ingredients.
The staff warmly welcomes you with freshly cooked mixed rice in the earthen pot.
Be sure to give this sublime dish a try.

Serving exquisite dishes with craftsmanship
cultivated through experience.

Cooking with simplicity in mind to bring out the
most of the goodness of each ingredient.
We are particular about not only taste,
but also texture, aroma, color, and presentation.

Captivating the taste of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


Encounter once-in-a-lifetime dishes.

An array of dishes using seasonal ingredients.

Every visit is an encounter with different flavors such as matsutake mushrooms and saury in autumn, and horsehair crab and salmon roe in winter.

※We do not use any chemical seasonings or ready-made products in our dishes.


Forget the hustle and bustle of the city.


Private rooms and tatami rooms available.
Exceptional hospitality in a warm atmosphere.

A modern Japanese interior based on wood. At the counter seats, you can enjoy watching the food being prepared. The craftsmanship that unfolds before you will naturally liven up your conversation.

You can enjoy Japanese cuisine in a calm and cozy space unique to Ebisu. Perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries.

Completely private rooms with sunken kotatsu tables are also available, so you won't see other guests face-to-face. You can take off your shoes and stretch your legs without worrying about your surroundings, so you can relax as if you were at home.